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Cooperation Consultant CDI

Country: Senegal
Organization: International Organization for Migration
Closing date: 7 Jun 2024
  1. Nature of the consultancy: Category B Consultancy for the identification of good practices on cross-border cooperation in the field of border governance, security and management.
  2. Project Context and Scope: The Integrated Border Stability Mechanism (IBSM) is a multilateral coordinating structure that aims at strengthening cooperative border governance and security in areas strategically relevant for regional stability in West Africa. This initiative is part of the larger project “Promoting cross-border cooperation for crisis prevention and strengthening state structures in West Africa in order to establish or ensure stability in fragile border regions”, financed by the German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO) and implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in partnership with United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and INTERPOL. Between September 2023 and the beginning of 2024, the IBSM has carried out consultations with partner authorities, international organisations and major donors to understand the key gaps and needs in terms of border security and management in Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Niger and Togo. On the basis of that, the IBSM has been able to assess that important initiatives exist that aim at fostering cross-border cooperation among countries in the region in areas related to border security and management – from joint operations along the borders, judicial cooperation to fight terrorism and other criminal phenomena in border areas, to specific cross-border arrangements to promote joint governance and development of border areas. At the same time, there is still a need to replicate good practices and strengthen cross-border cooperation dynamics in the region in order to further promote a strengthened and more secure governance of border regions. In this direction, the IBSM intends to organise a workshop on cross-border cooperation where representatives of partner countries will be able to exchange on good practices aiming at fostering border security and management. The selected international consultant will conduct desk research and develop a background paper on promising practices of cross-border cooperation in thematic areas of interest to the IBSM in the seven countries covered by the initiative. The paper could be indicatively focus on three macro-areas: 1) Border and migration management; 2) Security, fight against terrorism and trans-national organised crime, prevention of violent extremism; 3) Local development and governance, social cohesion, community conflict prevention and resolution, and community engagement. This paper will be presented during the workshop and discussed with relevant stakeholders. After the event, the paper will be consolidated and finalised, incorporating the feedback and additional input received during the workshop and disseminated among relevant partners. In parallel with the development of the paper, the consultant will also provide input for the development of the agenda of the workshop and the identification of suitable speakers.
  3. Category B Consultants: Tangible and measurable outputs of the work assignment

Category B Consultant hired to support the identification of good practices of cross-border cooperation on a two-instalment payment basis:

  1. Deliverable 1 – Desk research is conducted and a draft background paper is developed providing examples of good practices of cross border cooperation in thematic areas of interest for the IBSM in the countries covered by the initiative. Input is provided for the development of the agenda of the workshop on good practices of cross-border cooperation. By 30 August 2024. First instalment payment (50% of overall contract value).
  2. Deliverable 2 – A Power Point Presentation is prepared and delivered during the workshop to present the background paper, and the background paper is finalised after the workshop to include feedback and input received from during the event. By 30 October. Second and final instalment payment (50% of overall contract value).

Please note that dates for the completion of the deliverables are indicative and might be further adapted in the contracting phase.

  1. Performance indicators for the evaluation of results
  • On time delivery of the products according to agreed deadlines.
  • Ability to respond to input and feedback provided by IOM in the development of the background paper and the presentation.
  • Quality of the background paper and presentation, also to be measured on the basis of workshop participants’ satisfaction through activity evaluation forms.
  • Quality of the final paper and ability to incorporate further input and feedback received during the workshop.
  1. Education, Experience and/or skills required


  • Master’s degree in in Social Sciences, International Relations, Politics, Public Administration, Law, or a related field from an accredited academic institution with 7 years of relevant professional experience.


  • Extensive knowledge and expertise in areas as such as immigration, mobility and border management, security, fight against terrorism and trans-national organised crime, especially in West Africa.
  • 7 years of experience in working with or for academic institutions, consultancies, national administrations, UN agencies and/or international organisations on areas related to border and security management and with proven experience in research, drafting reports, papers and other information and communication materials in relevant technical areas;
  • Excellent communication, drafting and presentation skills;
  • Professional experience in presenting and writing reports and documents in English and French;
  • Computer skills, specifically hands-on experience in the usage of MS Office;
  • Extensive experience in working with governmental authorities, UN agencies and other national/international development partners.
  1. Travel required

A mission will be required to participate in the workshop on good practices of cross-border cooperation and present the background paper (Location still to be decided). Depending on availability and needs, one initial inception mission to Dakar (Senegal) to exchange with members of the Secretariat might also be considered.

  1. Competencies


  • Inclusion and respect for diversity: respects and promotes individual and cultural differences. Encourages diversity and inclusion.
  • Integrity and transparency: maintains high ethical standards and acts in a manner consistent with organizational principles/rules and standards of conduct.
  • Professionalism: demonstrates ability to work in a composed, competent and committed manner and exercises careful judgment in meeting day-to-day challenges.
  • Courage: demonstrates willingness to take a stand on issues of importance.
  • Empathy: shows compassion for others, makes people feel safe, respected and fairly treated.

Core Competencies – behavioural indicators

  • Teamwork: develops and promotes effective collaboration within and across units to achieve shared goals and optimize results.
  • Delivering results: produces and delivers quality results in a service-oriented and timely manner. Is action oriented and committed to achieving agreed outcomes.
  • Managing and sharing knowledge: continuously seeks to learn, share knowledge and innovate.
  • Accountability: takes ownership for achieving the Organization’s priorities and assumes responsibility for own actions and delegated work.
  • Communication: encourages and contributes to clear and open communication. Explains complex matters in an informative, inspiring and motivational way.

How to apply

Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications via email to [email protected] indicating “ROWCA-HR-24-009-CFA” on the subject line, by 07 June 2024.

IOM only accepts applications with a cover letter not more than one page specifying the motivation for the application as well as a detailed resume/CV.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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  • date de publication:
  • Date d'expiration: 26 juin 2024
  • Emplacement: Dakar, Sénégal
  • Titre d'emploi: Cooperation Consultant
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